Tomato Fest (and a whole lot more)

The Veggie Season has started! For the big start of the season, Viola’s will be celebrating its Tomato Fest for 2012 on Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6. Both days will be filled with free gardening seminars for both kids and adults.

The event also includes an art show presenting local artisans, live music, face painting, food by Mulkey’s Food Works, and a FREE 20 lb. bag of Hickman’s Chicken Manure, and a Wall-O-Water for every customer (as long as supplies last).

The agenda for Sunday, May 6:

Native American Gardening Techniques
presented by Shalene of Viola’s
A highlight of old techniques used by Native Americans. Discover how they gardened in the extremest of conditions.
presented by Jim Mast
Jim Mast, one of Flagstaff’s favorite speakers, will take you on a journey in the world of tomatoes.
presented by Viola’s
Learn to make a home for your red wigglers. It’s easy with some simple items from your home.
Tomato Starts, Seed Saving, and Tomato Pruning
Presented By: Kim Costion And Mario Valeruz
This final class of the weekend is totally about the almighty tomato. Kim and her husband own Ashokala Gardens and she is an instructor @ the Northern AZ Community College.  Mario is from Garland’s Lodge Oak Creek, AZ, where he is the greenhouse manager and in charge of vegetable production.
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