August 6 meeting ~ Herbs, Wild and Tame

Herbs grow all around Flagstaff and the high country in the wild and Native Americans have used them for millennia. Some of these plants can be brought into Flagstaff gardens ~ tamed ~ as beautiful and utilitarian additions.
Phyllis Hogan can walk down the street and through the backcountry and point out useful wild herbs. Her Winter Sun Trading Co. is filled with the jars of dried herbs and vials of essential oils, and she leads plant walks through the high country. On August 6, she will bring her knowledge to FFGC, talking about wild herbs as food, medicine and in essential oils. We’ll also hear a little about the Arizona Ethnobotanical Research Association, whose mission is “to investigate, document and promote the use of traditionally utilized plants of the Southwest and to aid in preserving this knowledge for future generations.” Joining her will be Jonah Hill, a Native American with a deep knowledge of native herbs and their uses, who works at Winter Sun.

The meeting will run from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 6, at the Elks Lodge, 2101 N. San Francisco St. Cost: members free, guests $2. Refreshments included.

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