Birdies & Beasties ~ A hands-on workshop Nov. 10

This month brings in our last general meeting of the year ~ a hands-on activities meeting 2013-11-11 FFGC meeting 12to create edible treats to keep the birds and beasts happy and healthy this winter.
This year we will be creating the popular peanut-butter-and-seeds pinecones, sliced citrus fruits, popcorn and cranberry strings (and perhaps some wreaths from the same ingredients) and paper garlands.
We also hope to get a jump on creating the faux trees that go into our barrels at Riordan Mansion to hold all of these creations for the critters.
There will be handouts for some of these goodies, in case you would like to duplicate them at home.
2013-11-11 FFGC meeting 9When: Monday, November 10, 6-8 p.m.
Where: Elks Lodge, 2101 N. San Francisco St. (drive north on San Francisco Street until you can’t go any farther; turn left and park in the Elks parking lot to your right.
Cost: Members free; guests $2
Information: Call President Star Hunter at 928-637-4401

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